Body language makes up 55% of a first impression, 38% comes from tone of voice, and only 7% is from our actual words.

- Dr. Albert Mehrabian, UCLA

Let’s take a journey into the world of social etiquette, where conversation, attentive listening, thoughtful questions, and empathetic responses pave the way for genuine connections.  From graceful posture and elegant style to refined dining and subtle details , our custom guidance is designed to help men and women navigate any social setting with confidence.

Group of friends eating at a social dinner

Social etiquette

The benefits of embracing social etiquette go far beyond surface-level impressions. You’ll uncover a newfound self-assuredness that touches all aspects of your life. Nurture relationships, cultivate professional opportunities, and create a lasting legacy.

Dining Etiquette

Delve into the world of dining, and you’ll unravel the subtleties that make every meal a memorable experience. Gain an understanding of table manners and mealtime customs, ensuring that you’ll not only feel at ease in any dining setting, but also be a gracious and respected guest.

Elegant place setting at dining table
Cups of tea and foods at etiquette dinner

Tea Etiquette

Indulge in the grace and charm that tea time brings, transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences. Learn the tradition of proper tea dining, mastering the delicate gestures of handling teaware, and engaging in meaningful conversations.